Acutherm System

Detroit Michigan Acutherm Manufacturers Rep / Acutherm SalesAcutherm manufactures components for heating and air conditioning systems that make commercial buildings more comfortable, save energy, offer sustainability and can also reduce total installed costs. Its components are called Therma-Fuser variable air volume (VAV) diffusers. They are used in VAV air conditioning systems which, instead of varying the temperature of the cooling air, vary the amount of the cooling air to maintain even room temperatures.


Therma-Fuser VAV diffusers are ceiling air diffusers with the thermostat and VAV damper built-in. These small zones of control provide individual comfort that precisely match the comfort requirements of the room or portion of the room served. Therma-Fuser diffusers also provide a constant discharge velocity with comfort benefits of higher throws, no cool air dumping, better room air movement and uniform temperature distribution. Each Therma-Fuser is an independent zone of VAV control including thermostat, modulating damper and diffuser in a single package. Unlike conventional building controls, Therma-Fusers have no complicated electronics or pneumatics, and as a result require no maintenance.

VAV Air Conditioning

With an Acutherm system, VAV air conditioning is both functional and sleek. Therma-Fusers help hide that ugly duct-work and provide an elegant architectural look. Therma-Fusers are energy efficient air conditioning systems, providing 15% to 47% energy savings. The thermostat-actuator and damper inside each unit is designed to reduce the flow of supply air such that the volume entering the space is only the amount necessary to maintain a set temperature.  By preventing overcooling and overheating, overall energy usage is greatly reduced. Acutherm systems  also have the lowest pressure drop of any VAV terminal, allowing for low-pressure systems and low energy fan motors.

Acutherm System