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Detroit Michigan ICE Manufacturers Rep / ICE SalesOriginally founded as Bullocks Manufacturing during the post-war residential housing boom, I.C.E. Manufacturing was recognized for innovation and excellence early in our history. After the company established a reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing natural gas conversion burners for oil and coal-fired furnaces in industrial heating, founder Don Bullocks returned from an ASHRAE trade show with a natural gas line burner. Inspired, he set out to manufacture the first direct-fired makeup air unit in his home country of Canada. Today, I.C.E. Manufacturing continues the spirit of Don’s innovation with locations all over the U.S. and Canada.

Industrial Heating

Today, the natural gas revolution continues with I.C.E. Manufacturing at the forefront of the commercial direct-fired industry. Don had the vision long before many others by designing a product that has outlived his legend. Our BMA Series is named for him (Bullocks Makeup Air). This forward thinking has carried on through such advanced products as the HTDM, the gas valve technology available on the BMA, and the industrial-quality GIDM product line.

All of our products have withstood the test of time. Many new products are on the horizon to meet the ever-increasing concern over energy costs, consumption and impact on our environment. We are building on our heritage to bring exceptional gas-fired products to market. Industrial heating can be expensive if not handled properly. I.C.E.’s industrial HVAC equipment provides a solution to all your industrial heating concerns.

Industrial HVAC Equipment

Industrial HVAC equipment can save you and your business money as well as make your company more eco-friendly. Industrial HVAC equipment can:

  • Improve air quality by constantly exchanging indoor air with fresh, outdoor air. This reduces the pollutants in your building. Indoor air can have more pollutants than outdoor air because it is not filtered properly. I.C.E. Manufacturing provides you with high quality air.
  • Provide noticeable energy saving benefits. Since both heating and air conditioning are in the same unit, you save construction space as well as energy conservation, since the coolant is non-chlorine based which depletes the ozone layer.
  • Reduce the moisture growth  which can cause health concerns and structural damage over time. Industrial HVAC equipment pulls warm, moist air out and send cool, dry air inside, reducing hazards like mold and mildew.

I.C.E. is committed to success – the success of our customers and our employees. To us, success is driven by loyalty that comes from service, quality and innovation. With our vast experience in the HVAC industry, we continue to listen to and understand the needs of our customers. And we trust we will be able to serve you well into the future.

Industrial Heating