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    About Acutherm

    Since 1987, Acutherm’s Therma-Fuser VAV systems have been improving building comfort levels across the United States. As a U.S. Green Building Council member, Acutherm is proud to produce energy efficient VAV diffuser systems that prevent over cooling and over heating. Using Acutherm’s system results in 10%-47% energy savings when compared to other HVAC Systems.

    Year after year, BOMA and IFMA studies report room temperature, hot or cold, as the first and second most common occupant complaints. Acutherm is proven to reduce the number of temperature related complaints, resulting in increased worker productivity, higher tenant occupancy rates, reduced tenant turnover, and reduced maintenance calls.

    About the Therma-Fuser Diffuser

    Acutherm manufactures the Therma-Fuser Diffuser, which combines a ceiling diffuser with a built-in thermostat and damper. The damper is continuously adjusted to control the volume of air flow into the room in response to room temperature and set point. Unlike fixed opening diffusers, which dump cold air on occupants at low volumes, the variable air opening within all Therma-Fuser diffuser models creates high air velocity even at lower supply volumes. This maintains the Coanda effect where high velocity air hugs an adjacent surface, holding cold air up to the ceiling and prevents dumping.

    The integration of a built-in thermostat and VAV damper within a diffuser eliminates expensive above the ceiling labor and controls. On an installed cost basis, the Therma-fuser Diffuser provides the lowest cost per zone of control. It is simply the most cost-effective way to manage a zone.

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    Air Design Inc. is the direct factory representative of Acutherm for the entire state of Michigan.


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