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    About Aitken Products Inc.

    Aitken Products Inc. manufactures and distributes high-quality industrial heaters. Aitken’s electric infrared heaters and electric unit heaters are utilized in a wide variety of applications. These applications include heating workers, thawing frozen equipment, melting snow, and drying paint.

    Aitken Products Inc. is committed to delivering high quality heating solutions at an affordable price. They are recognized for their industry leading lead times, with over 90% of all orders being shipped within one business day.

    Aitken Products Inc. produces a wide variety of infrared heater models, each with their own unique advantages. Aitken’s portable infrared heaters can be easily moved to heat key work spaces. The portable infrared heater is mounted on wheels so that it can be quickly and easily moved into position. Common applications of the portable infrared heater are to heat otherwise cold, isolated work spaces and can be brought along to indoor and outdoor spaces while people work. These units also work exceptionally well at thawing valuable equipment that needs to be left outside.

    Aitken Products Inc. offers overhead infrared radiant heating solutions for facilities large and small. Overhead infrared heaters are easily installed, and are capable of providing localized heating in key spaces of large facilities. Overhead infrared heating systems can also be designed to heat the entirety of large spaces like repair facilities, car washes, and warehouses.

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    Air Design Inc. is the direct factory representative of Aitken Products Inc. for the entire state of Michigan.


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