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    About Arrow United

    Arrow United Industries is a leading manufacturer of louvers and dampers in the United States. Arrow louvers and dampers have been satisfying the needs of architects and engineers for over 40 years. Arrow can fabricate louvers and dampers to meet even the toughest specifications. Arrow’s engineering staff will be glad to provide you with design and layout assistance on your next project.

    Arrow louvers and dampers are custom-built, quality assemblies manufactured to meet the unique specifications of a given facility. Their equipment is designed to meet special conditions including temperature, pressure, velocity and system environment. Their louvers are constructed from extruded aluminum, steel, and a variety of materials to meet the varying demands of each commercial or industrial ventilation system application. To blend in with your design, Arrow can provide nearly any louver or damper finish you may desire.

    Arrow offers an industry leading thermally insulated control damper that is designed for extreme temperature conditions. Its precision engineering performs in an operating range from as low at -70°F to over 200°F. This unique product offering along with many other louver and damper models are engineered to operate in the world’s toughest environments.

    Arrow United Industries is an active member of the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA). AMCA Certified and Rated Louvers offered by Arrow are tested in accordance with the latest AMCA publication.

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    Air Design Inc. is the direct factory representative of Arrow United Industries for the entire state of Michigan.


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