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    About Envira-North Systems Ltd.

    Envira-North Systems Ltd. manufactures an array of energy efficient ventilation products. Their offering of high volume low speed (HVLS) fans, turbine ventilators and industrial curtains can improve the level of comfort in a building, while lowering energy consumption. Custom designed for each application, Envira-North Systems Ltd. utilizes products as components to develop a system that maximizes your savings potential to increase your return on investment.

    Envira-North Systems Ltd. Offers a variety of HVLS fans to meet the ventilation needs of a given space. Altra-Air HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air up to 397,701 CFM. Altra-Air HVLS fans provide quiet, efficient operation, with no annoying high speed circulating or exhaust fan noise. This model is very inexpensive to operate and costs approximately 6 cents per hour for one fan at 0.75 kW. The largest model (24’) Altra-Air fan consumes less power than the average hairdryer.

    Envira-North Systems Ltd. also offers the Alite 3 HVLS fan model. This model features a light weight (199 lbs), 3 blade design moving up to 177,184 CFM. The Alite 3 HVLS fan is a cost effective alternative to the Altra-Air HVLS fan while still operating quietly with nominal power consumption.

    The Jazz Fan is the newest addition to the Envira-North HVLS fan offering. The Jazz Fan’s unique blade design doesn’t just look good; it deploys the same modulated blade technology utilized in advanced stealth helicopters. From showrooms to restaurants and atriums to office spaces, the Jazz Fan’s creative touch of ambiance enhances the comfort and aesthetic of any given space.

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    Air Design Inc. is the direct factory representative of Envira-North Systems Ltd. for the entire state of Michigan.


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