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  • Hi-Tech Duravent

    About the Company

    Hi-Tech Duravent is an industry leading manufacturer of hose and ducting for air, dust, fume removal and light material handling. Our expertise is in plastic, thermoplastic, or resin-coated fabric hoses with a reinforcing helix for low pressure situations. Our Core Products stock offering in three locations is expansive, and our ability to customize leaves you as the customer in a great position to get what you want, when you need it. We have outstanding customer service and utilize the latest in raw material technology, processes, and manufacturing techniques.


    • Industrial Flexible Hose & Ducting
    • Dust Collector Hose
    • Mist Collector Hose
    • Industrial Vacuum Hose
    • Fume Exhaust Hose
    • High Temperature Exhaust Hose
    • Venting Hose
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