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    About Moffitt Corporation

    Since 1961, Moffitt Corporation has been creating natural building ventilation systems for both commercial and industrial facilities.

    From buildings that produce massive amounts of process heat, like glass plants and steel mills, to facilities operating at more modest temperatures, like paper mills and assembly warehouses, natural building ventilation has a role to play in keeping a space comfortable and safe without the headache of regular maintenance required by traditional ventilation systems.

    Natural building ventilation incurs no operating costs, requires little maintenance, and produces no noise. In addition, different products can be used in conjunction with one another to solve multiple problems at once, ultimately providing the end user with a safe, comfortable workplace environment.

    Moffitt Corporation’s extensive line of products allows our customers to harness the power of natural building ventilation, natural heat and smoke control, natural daylighting, and natural cooling. Moffitt works hand-in-hand with engineers, builders, contractors, and building managers to help design the best ventilation system for individual facilities.

    Moffitt’s talented team of system design engineers and ventilation contractors are ready to work with you to take your project from inception to completion. We can design a natural building ventilation system to meet your facility’s unique requirements. Moffitt’s specialty ventilation contractors can perform total installations of new systems, or can assist in any capacity to ensure installation of your new system is a breeze.

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    Air Design Inc. is the direct factory representative of Moffitt Corporation for the entire state of Michigan.


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