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  • PennBarry

    About the Company

    Pennbarry is a leading manufacturer of full service ventilation products for commercial and light industrial applications. Having been formed from the consolidation of several well-known HVAC brands starting in 1860, including Bayley Fans, Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air and SupremeFan, many key products from these brands are still made available under the PennBarry name. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace and respond to changing customer requirements, PennBarry has continually evolved. Whether it is through the development of new products, exploration of new technology or simply streamlining manufacturing processes, PennBarry is able to quickly respond to industry trends and market needs in order to serve customers better.


    • Complete line of Fans & Blowers
    • Roof & Wall Fans
    • Ceiling & Inline Fans
    • Centrifugal Fans
    • Domex Fans
    • Fumex Fans
    • DynaFan Fans
    • Zephyr Fans
    • Muffan Fans
    • Centrex Fans
    • Breezeway Fans
    • Powered Airette Fans
    • HI-EX Fans
    • Dynamo Fans
    • VCR Centrifugal Fans
    • Industracom Fans
    • Mixed Flow Fans
    • Plenum, Plug Fans
    • Tubular Inline Fans
    • Bifurcator Fans
    • Energy Recovery
    • Kitchen Hoods
    • Make-Up Air
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